Experience Limitless File Sharing

Private. Simple.

File sharing platform that can finally replace FTP


No Cloud Storage

No Extra Hardware Costs

Improves Productivity

Scales with Ease

One-click setup

With MBLOK, there’s no need to change your server infrastructure. Our application can be installed in seconds on any PC.

No Network Administrator needed
No IT? Not to worry. Employees can setup MBLOK application in seconds.
No server-side software required
Any network drive folder can be shared as long as employees have the necessary permission(s).

Private · Secure · On-Premise

Our peer-to-peer technology makes file sharing worry-free. MBLOK’s end-to-end encryption allows employees to keep all files on their PCs or servers and share them directly. Best of all, it provides complete control.

No CloudAdmin ControlLink Duration

No Cloud

We understand how important privacy is to our customers. Absolutely no files are stored on our servers, not even temporarily. Every single file is transferred directly and securely.

Admin Control

Managing and tracking users has never been easier. We’ve designed a web-based Corporate Account Management system that is simple and accessible from anywhere.

Large files

With MBLOK, file size constraints are no longer an issue. Now employees can share any file, or even an entire directory, regardless of its size.

Unlimited file sharing

Stop email attachments from flooding your company web server(s). MBLOK shares files directly without making copies.

Large files

File system concierge

Our local file sharing and file management system is both intuitive and seamless - saving time for more important things.

No devoted folders
Forget about syncing a specific folder of files. Now you can share any folder or file on your PC or network drive.

Incorporate a peace of mind

Keeping track of what files are sent, where they’re stored, and who received them can be frustrating and waste of time. MBLOK has reinvented the way files are shared. Our worry-free technology keeps track of everything for you.

MBLOK’s permission and accessibility controls ensure your corporate files are protected from unwanted distribution. Preventing uninvited access to private communications has never been easier.